"You deserve to have a thriving career and a job that rewards you for your hard work" 


As a former Head of Client Leadership for one of the Big 4 consulting and accounting companies, I understand the skills and effort it takes to build a rewarding career. 

A decade prior to building an international career, I moved to a different country, on another continent where I could barely speak the language. I soon found myself stuck in a series of low paying, dead-end jobs. 

I desperately wanted more out of life. I dreamed of a fulfilling, professional career. I finally decided to turn my life around and master the art of developing a thriving career. 

My efforts eventually paid off and after developing a career in business development and account management I shifted my career direction to recruitment. This allowed me to help large, multinational companies find the brightest talent in professional services in Asia Pacific and truly understand what they needed from candidates.

Over the years, I’ve developed a reputation for teaching others how to use proven and predictable steps to land the most competitive jobs and negotiate high salaries.  


In the end, I put the same tools into action when I returned to professional services, working in Tokyo, Japan as Head of Client Leadership for one of the largest accounting and consulting firms in the world. 

I found herself sitting on the other side of the table, interviewing others, building and managing my own teams while working on projects across Asia Pacific.

I was able to lead and grow my own teams of professionals, coaching people internationally and traveling around the world doing what I truly loved, completely transforming my life.

This is what eventually led me to creating Career Rebels, helping professionals just like you to use sales and storytelling techniques, which I have developed over the past decade, to land their dream jobs quicker, negotiate a higher salary and accelerate their careers.

"At the core of my mission is a belief that everyone deserves to find happiness at work. There are some amazing opportunities which we can all pursue if we only dare to do so and if we know what steps to follow".

Are you ready to take the REAL, momentum-building action steps to land your dream job and enjoy a career that you love?



The job market is now more competitive than ever. If you want to differentiate yourself from other candidates you need to know how to stand out among hundreds of other people applying for the same job. 

At Career Rebels we are committed to providing you with the latest cutting-edge advice so you can make big leaps in your career. 

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