How To Network On LinkedIn In 2020


Whether you are applying for jobs or trying to build greater visibility online, LinkedIn has the right solution for you. Here is how to network on LinkedIn like a pro so you can achieve your goals faster. 


Why network on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is undoubtedly a leading social media tool for professional networking. 

There are currently over 675 million members. 

90 million of these members are senior-level influencers. In addition, 63 million decision-makers use LinkedIn.

With over 30 million companies using LinkedIn, the network gives you unprecedented access to make connections that matter. 

If you know how to network on LinkedIn well, you can gain access to people you may not have had a chance to meet off-line. This means that you can diversify your network in ways that were previously not possible. 

You can then utilize this network when looking to advance your career, find mentors, or achieve other...

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