Helping You Create The Best Outcome For Your Transitioning Employees

Make the right decision for your departing employees and put them in the best position possible to transition to a new career.

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All The Tools Your Employees Need For A Smooth Career Transition


When you are navigating through challenging conditions, you are forced to make difficult decisions. This means that your employees need to go through one of the toughest career transitions they are likely to face.

Some of your employees...

  • Have not thought of updating their resume for many years and are overwhelmed by the challenge of embarking on a job search;

  • Have not had to interview for a job for a long time and lack the critical skills needed to differentiate themselves in a marketplace, despite their rich experience;

  • Struggle to understand how they can use their existing skills if they need to move to a different industry or change career paths;

  • Don't have experience in using online resources and platforms (i.e. LinkedIn) to manage their brand and find new opportunities; 

  • Are not sure how to regain their confidence level and courage necessary to craft a new path for themselves.

Whatever are your employees' needs as they depart your organization, our service will help them get back to work as fast as possible. They will also receive access to proven tools that will continue to benefit their career for years to come. 

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A comprehensive set of tools to help your employees create a thriving career in a challenging job market

Career Transition Support Designed for the New Economy 


Unlike traditional outplacement assistance, we mobilize technology to unleash the human capability and address the challenges facing your employees in a competitive job market.

Your employees will receive access to the right support to succeed on their new path.

A digital delivery will allow them to use all tools in their own time, at their own pace, from a comfort of their home.

Our services will also complement any existing outplacement support you may already be providing to your workforce. 

Your employees will get access to an online platform with the right resources, templates, videos and learning covering:

  • Optimizing job search for best results;

  • Managing career transition and using existing skills to craft a new career path;

  • Building a strong online brand to grow influence;

  • Utilizing digital resources to find new job opportunities;

  • Tools to easily and quickly capture years of existing experience in a competitive resume;

  • Developing superior interview skills to stand out from the crowd;

  • Dealing with uncertainty and building confidence to rebuild their career and thrive professionally.
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