What Our Clients Are Saying...

"I got the confirmation letter within 2 weeks from my application. I gained huge confidence by changing the perspective towards my career and myself thanks to Maria's encouragement and guidance. I moved from the Big 4 administrative role to talent development in a global financial company. Also, I got 50%+ salary increase in the next position".

Ryoko N.

Assistant Manager
Field Enablement Department
American Express

"Through Maria's amazing mentoring, I was able to get the job that I was pursuing after as well as the desired salary and benefits. She took me through the journey of professional growth so that I was able to present myself in a marketable way with confidence and not sell myself short during the salary negotiations. One important thing that Maria taught me was to never settle for anything less and to believe in yourself to achieve the best outcomes".

Jane P.

Senior Consultant
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

"Maria always mentioned “don’t underestimate yourself” which gave me the courage to leap forward and change my job, which changed my life. (...) I changed my career path and got a role as a Manager, two steps above from my previous role with double salary".

Kojiro Y.

Manager, Global Business Consulting
Global Commercial Services
American Express

"Before Maria’s help, I had sent my CV to 5 to 7 companies but I had not received any replies. Luckily, after following her instruction, my CV had successfully impressed one of biggest marketing agency and publisher in Vietnam. (...) You may not realise that what you have helped me most with, was to inspire me to dream big, to believe that I can really do it and that I should not hesitate to go for what I want".

Ngoc T.

Account Executive

"Maria’s advice allowed me to secure a more senior role with a significant salary increase, moving from Japan to Canada where I am part of the management team that leads a team of over 150+ professionals across Americas, Europe and Middle East and Asia Pacific. I now use her advice on a consistent basis when navigating how to advance my career and achieve my goals".

Jay I.

Canada Operations Lead, Global Creative Services
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

"I found my first permanent role in Australia thanks to Maria. She was very efficient, professional, and friendly every step of the way and I started my new role less than 2 weeks after first meeting with her."

Tatiana H.

Business Development Assistant
Baker McKenzie
Sydney, Australia

"Maria assisted me in securing a very attractive role in a highly competitive market. Her professionalism and expertise in the industry were very apparent as she helped me identify my key skills and how to best sell these to potential employers. A highly recommended professional in her field".

Luke H.

Digital Executive
Norton Rose Fulbright