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Christine Yolin 
Manager, J-Group 
Location: TOKYO, JAPAN

"We had the pleasure to welcome Maria as guest-speaker at our Japan-Australia Forum where she talked about "Crossing cultural boundaries: an exploration of leadership and business culture in Australia and Japan."

Her presentation gave a deep insight into the similarities and differences in (business) cultures between Japan and Australia. She conducted the discussions in a very pleasant manner, creating an atmosphere conducive to experience sharing between participants. The feedback of all attendees was really positive, and satisfaction surveys reached high scores".

Mandy Ma
Director, Miss Bisous

"Maria was invited to Miss Bisous International Women's Day event in Sydney as the guest speaker for career coaching. She has demonstrated a great passion about coaching professionals to secure the competitive jobs in the international market. Maria has the extensive experience and knowledge in business negotiation for salaries, job offers, and career development for high performers both in Australian and multinational companies.

She has introduced an actionable job strategy at our event, friendly engaging with our guests from diverse industries and ages. I would high recommend Maria to any organisations or individuals who need career advice / coaching. Miss Bisous looks forward to working with Maria in the future for more events".

Christina Ramos
Founder, Career + Wine

"If your event is dedicated to helping attendees begin their journey to changing careers or simply to host a career networking event, then I would highly recommend Maria to speak. Her personal journey towards finding her career path can resonate with many individuals who are still on that journey and looking for guidance on how to get to where they hope to end up. Maria is an expert on all things related to career change and many people can learn from her personal experience and advice to future job candidates.

Maria shared her personal experience with finding her career path, which was valuable for many of the attendees who are just starting their journey. Many of the attendees stayed past the event end time to personally ask Maria questions and obtain insights. I received many positive feedback comments on Maria's presentation after the event.

She also provided access to her e-books on resume hacks and interview techniques and one of the highlight feedbacks I received from the attendees was that they found the resources helpful in preparing for upcoming interviews. The attendees also provided feedback around Maria's knowledgable background in both the HR and recruiter perspectives".

If you have an event, conference you would like me to consider and speak at, or want me as a panel member, please send me an email: [email protected] with more details of your event and needs.

What you can expect:

  • Prompt communication
  • A professional and passionate presentation customized for your audience
  • A collaborative experience 

If the booking is confirmed, we will gather as many details about your event as possible to make sure that the talk helps you achieve your goals for the event. For more information contact: [email protected]